Well Played #1

A few days ago, I tasked a new hire with re-provisioning one of our biggest clusters because we have some firmware updates that should increase per-core performance. It’s a mind-numbing job of pushing a cart around, plugging a mouse/keyboard/monitor into every one of 1200 servers, manually rebooting and manually keying through the firmware update. Takes 2-3 minutes per machine.

So today I check on him. Now, this kid can’t be more than 23, 24, fresh out of college. I ask how¬†it’s going, peek at the monitor which is just finishing up. When the server re-boots, the lights on the front switch from blue or amber to green. The kid says, “Light is green, the trap is clean.”

I said, “Did you just make a Ghostbusters¬†reference? Right on, my man! Slap me some skin!”

He said, “Dude, L-M-F-A-O, my dad likes that movie.”

Well played, kid… well played.