I’ve been following the Occupy Wall street protestors.  The official demands seem pretty reasonable, some are actually great.  It’s the unnoficial stuff circulating the internet which come off as bat-shit insane and frankly retarded.  “Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment”… on whose dime?  If they’re thinking the taxpayers should foot the bill, then I demand they amend that request with “and require unemployed people to clean houses, cut grass, and collect trash from the folks that have jobs”.  Those people can come clean my house. 

Still- I give them all credit for peaceful demonstrations, as opposed to the outbreak of hacktivists who think bringing down internet sites and services constitutes peaceful demonstration.  Peaceful demonstration ends when financial responsibility extends beyond police saying “don’t go there”.  When I gotta pay for something stupid some activist nutjob does, it’s time to break out the Baseball Bat of Appreciation and go to work. Like the idiots who brought down the Chase site over the summer because they were mad Chase stopped processing payments to wikileaks. I’m an American, so I’ll support your cause, as long as it doesn’t cost me anything.  The minute I’m inconvenienced, then we’re enemies and your cause is stupid.

That first poster comes off as either fresh out of school and idealistic, or a debt-ridden moron who are angry they can’t survive in a capitalist economy.  “But nobody wanted to click on my importedgoatcheese dot com site and I went out of business…. therefore, the taxpayers should subsidize me”.  Yeah… you’re an idiot, and that’s not my problem.

And by “you” I don’t mean you personally – I’m speaking metaphorically and indirectly, which is kind of like speaking plegmatically with less coughing involved.

But I need to give thanks where it’s due.  I wouldn’t know about the batshit-insane list of demands if not for the over-hyped sensationalist spin the news likes to put on everything.